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The AList Security Group is one of the leading suppliers of security and support services.

Whether it's a retail outlet, an industrial site, a distribution centre, a leisure venue, an educational institution, or you are looking to secure your home, we have the practical and cost-effective solution for your home or business premises security.

We serve most of mainland UK from our local offices in Birmingham, Manchester & London.

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Health & Safety Risk Assessment

For businesses who care about the wellbeing of their staff, preparing a Health & Safety Risk Assessment is not a simple 'tick box' procedure. Part of our security services is to conduct a thorough Healh & Safety Risk Assessment before taking on any contract.

We also provide busineses with Risk Assessment services - whether it's the initial assessment or a review.

Risk Assessments

Hire or Get hired

UK Security Jobs is a job board for security jobs in the UK.

If you are hiring, simply click on post your job link and you will be able to create a new account on the process.

If you are job seeker, you can apply for any vacancy without creating a new account. You can also create a short job application ( not the dreaded CV ) and all UK employers will be able to find and get in touch with you.

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Think like a burglar

Before hiring a security company, you should look at your home or business the way a burglar does. We have compiled a comprehensive list of tips on how to secure your house or small business against intruders and make it harder for them to invade your premises...

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Dealing with intruders

It's very rare for intruders to break-in homes knowing that the owner(s) is inside. They often have a professional attitude when targeting easy and safe targets. If you suspect there is one intruder in your home: You should also try not to take the law into your hands when confronting intruders...

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The way we price our services is always subject to clear understanding of our clients' security requirements

To come back to you with a quote, we need to take into consideration many factors, such as the complexity of the task, length of daily shifts, the location of an event or project and the number of staff required.

Before giving our clients a quote, we usually advise them on what is really necessary and what can be cut.

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